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Flood Risk in Selly Park South

Find out if your property is at risk of flooding:

The parts of Selly Park South which have previously been at risk of

flooding by the River Rea are now protected by the Environment Agency

Selly Park South Flood Risk Management Scheme and so risk of river

flooding is low. However, a number of locations in our neighbourhood,

like many others in the country, are at higher risk from surface water

flooding if very heavy rainfall overwhelms the road drainage system.

To find out more about this and to register to receive flood warnings from

the Environment Agency please go online to

risk or phone 0345 988 1188.

Selly Park South Flood Action Group is a group of local volunteers which

aims to assist residents where possible when flooding is imminent or

taking place. However, it cannot provide a flood warning service and

residents are therefore strongly advised to be vigilant when heavy rain is

forecast or falling and to use the Environment Agency services above,

including registering to receive warnings. The group is part of the

Neighbourhood Forum and can be contacted via the Forum email


River flooding:

Low risk means that each year this area has a chance of flooding of

between 0.1% and 1%. This takes into account the effect of any flood

defences in the area. These defences reduce but do not completely stop

the chance of flooding as they can be overtopped, or fail.

Surface water:

Medium risk means that each year this area has a chance of

flooding of between 1% and 3.3%.

This flood risk summary reports the highest risk from surface water

within a 20m radius of a property.


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