Foodbank Donations

Urgently needed

Instant coffee, Instant hot chocolate, Instant potatoes, small packets of tea (40’s and 80’s) Long life Fruit Juice ,Gender neutral roll-on deodorants, Toilet rolls


Meat (ham, corned beef, pork slices, meat chunks) Tinned fruit in juice, Tinned or carton instant custard
Tinned rice pudding, Tinned tomatoes, Tinned spaghetti, Tinned macaroni cheese, Jam/honey/peanut butter, 1st stage infant milk (Cow and Gate) Biscuits, UHT whole milk (blue) Tinned veg (carrots, peas, sweet corn), tinned potatoes, Squash, Rice, Pasta sauce, Laundry liquid, Washing up liquid, Shampoo, Cereal, porridge, Shower gel, Single soap bars ,Single pack tooth brushes (not multi-packs), Toothpaste Disposable razors,

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