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News - Community Big Lunch

A Selly Park Community Big Lunch is happening 1 - 3 pm on Sunday 7th May at Christ Church, Pershore Road!

It's a BBQ at Christ Church, all welcome, bring a salad or a favourite side dish to share! (small charge for BBQ items - 50p each) Come out and cheer the runners in the half marathon, carry on to the BBQ and have a fun, relaxed time with neighbours and family 

News - Ward meeting - Bournbrook/Selly Oak ward

The next ward meeting will be on Tuesday 9 May, 7.00 pm at Christ Church

This is an opportunity to meet your local councillors, gain updates and discuss local issues. The agenda for the May 9 meeting includes Transportation Workshop Feedback, Councillors/Residents Updates/Issues, Funding Opportunities for Local Groups and Planning Applications

Events Calendar

Upcoming events in our area

​​Next Forum Open Meetings

Futue open meetings of the Selly Park South Neighbourhood Forum have been scheduled as follows:

Tuesday 11 July

Tuesday 17 October (AGM)

all at 7.30 pm at Christchurch Pershore Road B29 7PS

Coronation bank holiday - Big lunch and half marathon

Saturday 6/Sunday 7 May

  • Christ Church will be showing the Coronation on TV on the Saturday - all welcome

  • Sunday Morning - support the half marathon runners! Selly Park has a tradition of coming out to cheer on the runners in the half marathon (start times between 9.30 and 10.00) - let's all get out on the street and have some fun! 

  • Community Big Lunch - after the half marathon, there will be a BBQ at 1 pm at Christ Church - free, all welome, - bring a salad or a side dish to share if you want - bring the neighbours and settle in for a nice afternoon of chat with the community!

Ward meeting - Bournbrook/Selly Oak ward

The next ward meeting will be on Tuesday 9 May, 7.00 pm at Christ Church

Local information

Flood Risk in Selly Park South

The parts of Selly Park South which have previously been at risk of

flooding by the River Rea are now protected by the Environment Agency

Selly Park South Flood Risk Management Scheme and so risk of river

flooding is low. A number of locations in our neighbourhood,

like many others in the country do, however, remain at risk from surface water

flooding if very heavy rainfall overwhelms the road drainage system.

Locations at risk of surface water flooding are: Fashoda Road, the sections of Hobson Road and Kitchener Road downslope from Fashoda Road, Cecil Road, the houses close to the river bridge in Moor Green Lane and some of the houses in Dogpool Lane close to Fashoda Road.

Advice to residents in these locations: Keep aware of weather forecasts online, on television or on radio and keep aware of Environment Agency (EA) flood warnings. For advice and to register to receive flood warnings direct from the Environment Agency please go online to or phone 0345 988 1188. To check for current level of flood risk go online to or phone 0345 988 1188.

Simple measures to protect against flooding include flood sacks or flood boards (to protect gateways and doorways) and flood protection air brick covers (to prevent flood water getting into the space under the floor). These items are available from DIY stores and online.

Road drains: If you notice a road drain near your house is blocked by debris beneath the grill or is not taking water away during or following heavy rainfall, then please report it to the City Council. A link for doing this online is on the Neighbourhood Forum website, or you can report by phone on 0121-303-6644.

Selly Park South Flood Action Group liaises with Birmingham City Council and the Environment Agency and aims to assist residents, where possible, at times of flooding. (Please note, the group is not able to provide a flood warning service – this is provided by the EA). The group is supported by local volunteers, is part of the Neighbourhood Forum and can be contacted via the Forum website

Forum Aims and Objectives

The main objective of the Forum is to enhance and maintain the quality of the area in which we live, by:

  • Discussing and influencing issues affecting the local community

  • Raising awareness

  • Informing the public of social developments

  • Undertaking research for public benefit

  • Advancing education and doing other such things that encourage people to show an interest in the area and to bring together residents and others on a regular basis in order to address community issues of common interest and concern.

  • Promoting the active involvement of residents in decision making.


The Neighbourhood Forum Management Committee

At the Forum open meeting held on 20 September 2022 a new committee was elected. The committee met on 15 November 2022 and elected a chair, secretary and treasurer. Following these elections the comittee is now as follows:

Chair: Jennie Price
Secretary: Matthew Brockington
Treasurer: Clare Lewis
Committee members:

Jen Antonio

Lydia Handy

Malcolm Hancox

Max Thomas

Bobbie Frere (co-opted)

Alistair McCarrick

Derren Cresswell

Our public open meetings

Our open meetings are held quarterly, generally around October, February, May and July. This year (2023) the first meeting of the year was held in January, with the next in April and further meetings scheduled for July and October (see the top of this page and the post on the home page for more details).


At the AGM members of the Management Committee and officers are appointed. Meetings are held at Christ Church, 953 Pershore Road, B29 7PS.

We are very grateful to the Church for the use of the building. Please note however that we are both independent of the Church, and politically neutral.

Meeting minutes


Minutes of open meetings and committee meetings will be published on this website as soon as possible after the meetings



The area covered by our Forum extends from Priory Avenue in the north to Dogpool Lane in the south and from the western side of Pershore Road to the River Rea in the east, a total of over 700 households. See map to teh right of this webpage.

Membership is free to residents and open to all people aged 16 and over who live within the neighbourhood. Free membership is possible thanks to an annual grant provided by Birmingham City Council. Our Forum also seeks funding for special projects through a range of discretionary grants.


The Forum’s background

The Forum came into existence at the start of 2006 following a decision by the officers and members of its predecessor, Selly Park Central Residents’ Association, to join the neighbourhood forums structure in Birmingham. Neighbourhood forums are community groups run by and for local people. There are more than 70 neighbourhood forums based throughout the City. Many forums, including ours, are affiliated to the Birmingham Association of Neighbourhood Forums (BANF). Each forum has a written constitution and copies of our constitution are available to residents on request.


The work of the Forum

Birmingham City Council has devolved much decision-making, many budgets and some services to local level. Neighbourhood forums and the local knowledge they represent can make a big difference by ensuring that the districts' and wards’ spending and priorities reflect the needs of local people. The Council’s local meetings are held regularly and are open to all members of the public. Our Forum Management Committee always ensures that we are represented at these meetings. Equally we always invite our local councillors to our open meetings. We are in regular contact with the councillors and officers of the City Council and thus provide a direct link between the community and the City administration. We also have direct links with other public agencies such as West Midlands Police and also with neighbouring community associations.

As a response to the flooding of part of Selly Park South in 2008 the Forum formed Selly Park South Flood Action Group as a satellite organisation. The Group operates the Selly Park South Flood Action Plan, has some 13 voluteers to assist residents in a flood situation and works closeley with Birmingham City Council and the Environment Agency in managing the flood threat in the neighbourhood. The Group Coordinator is John Clayton

To get in touch with the Forum or the Flood Action Group please refer to the CONTACT US page of this website.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS ABOUT THE FORUM, its work, its achievement and what being a member of the Management Committee involves please click here.

Your forum's meetings

The next forum Open Meetings in 2023 will take place on:

Tuesday 25 April 2023

Tuesday 11 July 2023

Tuesday 17 October 2023 (AGM)

All meetings will be held at Christ Church, Pershore Road

at 7.30 pm

Refreshments (tea and biscuits) will be provided

Community Funding Policy

Do you have an idea for a project which would enhance our community? Do you need financial support to make it happen?  We might be able to help. Read our community funding policy here

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