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Where to report problems

  1. Neighbourhood Police Team

  2. Reporting crime

  3. Parking offences

  4. Birmingham City Council (BCC)

  5. Blocked drains

  6. Debt advise

  7. Advocacy Service

  8. Child Sexual Exploitation

  9. Victim Support

  10. Antisocial behaviour

Find medical assistance

  1. Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

  2. Selly Park Surgery

  3. Moor Green Lane Medical Centre

Selly Oak Neighbourhood Police Team

Selly Park lies within the area covered by the Selly Oak Neighbourhood Police Team which is based at Bournville Police Station situated at the junction of Bournville Lane and Bristol Road.

To find out more details or to contact the Neighbourhood Police Team please click here which will take you to the West Midlands Police Home Page. Then simply enter your postcode into the FIND YOUR LOCAL POLICE input box

Reporting Crime

WebChat            click here 

101                      Non-emergency

999                      Emergency / Crime in Progress

If the incident is related to your race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity — call 101, or report anonymously to True Vision click here 

Online reporting is an alternative to phoning 101, and can be quicker: click here

Parking offences

Unnecessary Obstruction Issues, including the following:

  • Parking on yellow or white zig-zags

  • Parking within 10 metres of the junction

  • Obstructing a pedestrian dropped kerb

  • Stopping a vehicle from accessing the highway

To report click here 

Reports must include a clear image of the vehicle committing the offence, including front and rear VRM plates, time, date and location.

Obstructions are NOT:

  • Parking with wheels on the pavement (an obstruction is only ticketable if it is enough to stop a wheelchair or double buggy from getting past). Parking on the pavement is not an offence outside of London

  • Parking in front of a driveway that has no vehicle on it, even if there is a dropped kerb

  • Parking in front of a driveway that has no vehicle on it, because the vehicle is in the garage (drivers need to reasonably suspect that they are stopping a vehicle from entering the highway; this is not the case if the vehicle is out of sight)

  • Parking in front of a driveway if there are two exits, and only one is blocked this means there is still a means of the vehicle on the driveway from entering the highway.

Whilst these are examples of inconsiderate parking, they are not illegal, therefore the Police have no powers to issue tickets.

Police are also unable to issue tickets for parking on single or double yellow lines – these fall into the jurisdiction of Birmingham City Council.


Dashcam Footage


You can report incidents where you have footage from a dashcam or other device click here

Birmingham City Council (BCC)

For BCC HOME PAGE please click here.

For BCC SELLY OAK DISTRICT AND WARD pages please click here.

Report issues such as rowdy neighbours, noise problems, animal problems, street drinking, vandalism, abandoned vehicles, environmental issues, waste disposal, traffic issues (e.g. persistent speeding, disobeying no right-turn) by contacting your local council click here


Blocked drains

To report a blocked drain online please click here.

Alternatively you can report by phone by calling (0121) 303 6644 but please read the information on the web page first.

Debt advice centre for South Birmingham

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) has opened a debt centre in South Birmingham covering postcodes B29, B30, B31, B14 and B38.

CAP offers a uniquely in-depth, caring service to people with spiralling personal debt regardless of their age, gender, faith or background. Every client is visited in their own home, the charity does all the negotiating with creditors, and local volunteers offer support to each person face-to-face until the day they are debt free.

Centre Manager Judy Ward writes: "The Church has always been about offering hope and we're really pleased to be able to give more people a tried-and-tested route out of debt alongside other great free debt agencies in the area. There is a lot in the Bible about looking after the poorest. In our society, a lot of poverty is debt-related so six churches have joined together to open a CAP centre to help get people back on track. These churches are Christ Church (Selly Park), Selly Park Baptist Church, Stirchley Community Church, Selly Oak Elim, St Stephen's (Selly Park) and Christian Life Centre (Selly Oak)."

For further information and help with debt please click here or call 0800 328 0006.

Advocacy Service

Have you received poor service? Don't know where to go to for help?
Financial difficulties and need advice?
Feeling distressed or vulnerable?

Billesley Advocacy offers a friendly ear in a calm, safe environment and help point you in the right direction. For further details please click here.

This information has been provided via Birmingham City Council.

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

A campaign to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation (CSE) launched in January 2015.

The regional See Me, Hear Me campaign features on buses travelling across the West Midlands as well as on radio to raise the profile of this abuse crime and help keep children safe.

Featuring the message 'Memories last a lifetime... Everyone has memories of their first love, but for some they won't be happy ones', it aims to highlight the horrific crime and its lifelong impact on victims.

People are directed to the campaign website for information on how to spot the warning signs of CSE and what to do if you are concerned about a child or young person. The site also features educational films to raise awareness of CSE, along with campaign posters for individuals and organisations to download and display.

The campaign was launched in June by Dudley, Wolverhampton, Sandwell, Walsall, Coventry, Birmingham and Solihull Councils, along with West Midlands Police and other partners, to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation.

CSE is a crime that can affect any child, anytime, regardless of their social or ethnic background. It is child abuse and involves perpetrators grooming their victims in various ways, such as in person, via mobiles or online, to gain their trust before emotionally and sexually abusing them.

To connect to the website please click here.

Victim Support

Victim Support is the independent charity for victims and witnesses of crime in England and Wales. We were set up over 38 years ago and have grown to become the oldest and largest victims' organisation in the world. Every year, we contact over 1.5 million people after a crime to offer our help.

We depend on thousands of specially-trained volunteers to deliver our services and although we work closely with the police and other parts of the criminal justice system, we are an independent charity.

We have offices across England and Wales and we run the Witness Service in every court. We also run the national Victim Supportline 0845 30 30 900.

Noise Nuisance and Anti-Social Behaviour

Over the past week the local Police Team has received a significant number of noise nuisance complaints during unsociable hours. If you believe the culprits are students please call West Midlands Police on 101 and contact the University of Birmingham Guild of Students

The University of Birmingham Police Team are working in partnership with the Guild of Students to address the Anti-Social Behaviour issues that have negatively affected our communities.

For all other Anti-Social Behaviour issues please contact West Midlands Police on 101 or alternatively visit our website and use the Live Chat Service and report to Birmingham City Council ASB Team online at here

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Mindelsohn Way, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2GW. (0121 627 2000). For full details please click here.

Selly Park Surgery

Selly Park Surgery, 2 Reaview Drive, Pershore Road, Birmingham B29 7NT. (0121 472 0187). For full details please click here.


Moor Green Lane Medical Centre

Moor Green Lane Medical Centre, 339 Moor Green Lane, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8QS. (0121 411 0393). For full details please click here.

Fly tipping


Blocked drains


Parking offences


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