20m 5G Mast on Dogpool Lane

A planning application has been made for a 20m 5G mast to be installed on the grassed area at the junction of Dogpool Lane and Pershore Road. The mast is more than twice the height of the nearby post office building.

The application is for a 'prior approval' which means that the principle of development is not an issue and the Council can only consider the siting and appearance of the proposal. Anyone can comment on it and, as the number of objections made will be considered in the approval process, if you do object please use the link below to let the planners know. All comments must be made before the 1st of October.

For more details see planning application 2020/06510/PA click here

To make comments, bear in mind that only comments concerning siting and appearance will be considered, click here

The Council has guidelines for Telecommunication infrastructure on their website click here

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