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Agenda for Open Meeting 21st May


  1. The operator of the Dogpool Lane student accommodation will answer questions about how the no cars policy will work, and any other concerns you may have. - 20 mins

  2. Holders Wood Conservation will talk about their activities. - 10 mins

  3. The Environment Agency giving an update on the construction work on Pebble Mill Playing Field - 15 mins

  4. Flood Action Group update - 5 mins

  5. Exempt Accommodation update - 5 mins

  6. Traffic Calming update - 15 mins

  7. The Councillors have a meeting clash but expect to join us at some point for an update an Q&A - 15mins

  8. We have invited the Police for an update and Q&A but haven't had a response... - 15 mins

  9. AOB


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