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Another Alumno Update

We are still waiting for a date when we can meet with Alumno and their subcontractors to discuss the plans for the student accommodation on Dogpool Lane but the Managing Director has given us another, brief update on 29/5/2022:

'We have one tenant still In situ and expect the property to be fully vacant In the coming weeks. The next stage will be the demolition which we hope to start late June and then make a start on site fully in October'

The previous statement we had was on 18/3/2022:

'We are currently working through the detail/ site preparation works and further site investigations. The site is still owned by BT and kafel aid and the land transfer doesn’t contractually conclude until early May and when we get VP. We are aiming to start on site shorty after this and We fully plan to engage further , closer to this date and the works commencement. I trust this explains the position and we will be In touch again soon with detail of the on-site liaison team and the contractors logistics program'


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