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Annual General Meeting Invitation

Dear Forum Member,

Thank you for your interest in attending the Annual General Meeting of Selly Park South Neighbourhood Forum. As you will be aware, due to the Coronavirus pandemic we are holding this year’s meeting via video conference. Whilst this is far from ideal, we feel it offers the safest and most inclusive way of taking part. It is possible to phone in so one does not need internet access.

The Forum’s main aim is to enhance and maintain the quality of the area in which we live.  We are eager to engage as many residents as possible, and there are many ways you can get involved and we hope to introduce some of those whilst also informing you of last year’s activity and providing a space to suggest new ideas.

We try to welcome all participants and are keen to support new committee members, so if you feel you could contribute or add a skill or different perspective, please volunteer to be part of the committee.  

Kindest regards

The Management Committee

Selly Park South Neighbourhood Forum

Annual General Meeting

Monday 19th October 2020 at 7.30 pm

 Held by video conferencing (link below)


  1. Welcome and introduction – including aims and remit of SPS NF

  2. Treasurers Report – including independent verification of accounts

  3. Chairpersons report – including summary of Coronavirus response by Forum

  4. Nominations and elections of Management Committee

  5. Nominations and elections of Core Officers (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary) and Communications and Engagement Officer (NB election of officers can occur at next Management Committee meeting)

  6. Presentation of results of the questionnaire regarding the proposed Alumno Development – including discussion

  7. Presentation of results of the questionnaire regarding key Forum street scene – including discussion

  8. Plans for continued planting and ‘in bloom’ proposals

  9. Any other business

  10. End

Join Zoom Meeting Link:

Passcode: 267417

If joining by zoom application rather than using link above - Meeting ID: 872 9664 1587

The meeting can be called into by telephone using one of the numbers below.

+44 203 901 7895 +44 131 460 1196 +44 203 051 2874 +44 203 481 5237 +44 203 481 5240

Meeting ID: 872 9664 1587

Passcode: 267417


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