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Dogpool Lane Closure

Dogpool Lane is now ONE WAY for traffic between Pershore Road and Manilla Road. Dogpool Lane is CLOSED for traffic leaving Pershore Road. The road remains open for traffic joining Pershore Road.

This closure is expected to continue until April 2024.

Diversions are in place for Pershore Road traffic (via Priory Road or Cartland Road, which are unfortunately the nearest available diversion routes) and for the 76 bus coming from the QE hospital (now running via Cartland Road). See the local news page of this website for latest updates on the bus diversion.

Access Only signs have been placed on the entries to Kitchener, Hobson, Manilla, Fashoda and Cecil Roads as an attempt to reduce "rat running". These are generally agreed to be inadequate and we have raised with all parties to request more effectiove signage. Also the road closed signs at the entrance to Dogpool Lane consitute a hazard as they obstruct the view of drivers turning right into Pershore Raod. If you are affected by these issues please add your voice by contacting all parties involved. We are continuing to talk to councillors and Alumno to identify any means to further reduce the tendency of displaced traffic to make use of the "Five Streets".

Note: The road closure has been agreed with Birmingham City Council to allow access for the construction site on the corner of Dogpool Lane/Pershore Road (Alumno student accommodation) as part of the planning permission for this building work.

Road closure details (unchanged from Autumn 2022)

It will not be possible to join Dogpool Lane from Pershore Road.

Southbound traffic will be diverted via Cartland Road.

Northbound traffic via Edgbaston Road (by the cricket ground)

The intended diversion of the 76 bus from QE Hospital direction is understod to be via Warwards Lane, Pershore Road, Cartland Road, Pienaple Road, Dad's Lane, then normal line of route. However it is currently unclear whether the diversion will use Pineapple Road to Dads Lane or go straight to Vicarage Raod. We are seeking urgent clarification on this and will post as soon as new information is received.


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