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Flood risk in Selly Park South

Flood Risk in Selly Park South

The parts of Selly Park South which have previously been at risk of

flooding by the River Rea are now protected by the Environment Agency

Selly Park South Flood Risk Management Scheme and so risk of river

flooding is low. A number of locations in our neighbourhood,

like many others in the country do, however, remain at risk from surface water

flooding if very heavy rainfall overwhelms the road drainage system.

Locations at risk of surface water flooding are: Fashoda Road, the sections of Hobson Road and Kitchener Road downslope from Fashoda Road, Cecil Road, the houses close to the river bridge in Moor Green Lane and some of the houses in Dogpool Lane close to Fashoda Road.

Advice to residents in these locations: Keep aware of weather forecasts online, on television or on radio and keep aware of Environment Agency (EA) flood warnings. For advice and to register to receive flood warnings direct from the Environment Agency please go online to or phone 0345 988 1188. To check for current level of flood risk go online to or phone 0345 988 1188.

Simple measures to protect against flooding include flood sacks or flood boards (to protect gateways and doorways) and flood protection air brick covers (to prevent flood water getting into the space under the floor). These items are available from DIY stores and online.

Road drains: If you notice a road drain near your house is blocked by debris beneath the grill or is not taking water away during or following heavy rainfall, then please report it to the City Council. A link for doing this online is on the Neighbourhood Forum website, or you can report by phone on 0121-303-6644.

Selly Park South Flood Action Group liaises with Birmingham City Council and the Environment Agency and aims to assist residents, where possible, at times of flooding. (Please note, the group is not able to provide a flood warning service – this is provided by the EA). The group is supported by local volunteers, is part of the Neighbourhood Forum and can be contacted via the Forum website


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