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Junction of Dogpool Lane and Pershore Road

At our open forum meetings we often hear concerns from residents about the Dogpool Lane and Pershore Road junction and our Councillors have committed to push for changes to improve it. To that end, we have recently met with Cllr. McCarthy and representatives from Transport and Connectivity, TFWM and Selly Park Girls School to visit and discuss the issues with the junction of Dogpool Lane and Pershore Road. The main focus was to reduce the delays it causes to buses as TFWM are getting money to improve bus services along the main routes, which include Pershore Road. They had looked at some data which showed there was a problem so they are planning to do traffic surveys to see whether there is enough of an issue to warrant action. We also asked them to look at the 76 route along Dogpool Lane which they said they would.

We discussed with the Transport and Connectivity rep the difficulty of trying to use the junction and saw plenty of examples where people pulled out and blocked the road causing congestion. We also discussed the knock on effect of rat running and agreed that we needed to look at a range of possible solutions rather than jump to a low traffic neighbourhood solution. Unfortunately she was a stand in for the Assistant Director who couldn't make it as he had Covid but she said she would report back. We will need to follow up with the Councillors to ensure something happens.

The Assistant Head Teacher from Selly Park Girls School was there to highlight the issues at drop off and pick up times.

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