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Minutes from Open Forum 8th Feb 2022

Please find attached minutes from our last meeting


Minutes of Open Forum Meeting

held at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday 8th February, 2022, at

Christ Church, 953 Pershore Road, Selly Park, B29 7PS

1) Welcome & Apologies

Catherine Smith, Jon Clayton, Vicky Fashoda, WMP – PCSO Savage, Cllr McCarthy, Alasdair McCarrick, Clare Lewis

2) Update of Officer Roles

Derren is Secretary, Chris is Chair – driven by actions so agenda is set by actions from previous meetings – this is primary purpose alongside hearing from Cllrs and WMP. Cllrs agreed to meet once per month to ensure feedback is timely and we are working with them. WMP less engagement. Also upturn in ASB in the streets and gardens (via WhatsApp). However, no reporting to WMP so currently disconnected.

Brigid advice – web chat or 111 always do it. Logging it will impact resource into area. Also, Street-watch is available in the area and WMP provide training. Worked well in other areas. We have put posters out recently but been stollen. Re – WMP chat function can be very slow so hard to get through. We can also use crime stoppers – anonymous also logged to police. Can also email Cllrs and they pass it on.

Can we get times/dates of PCSOs and other police patrols and also arrange a meeting time to open dialogue. For example, issues with car torching. Is it an issues to do with street access both ends.

ACTION - CH connect to WMP PCSO Savage to get a specific time maybe for a walk around (see also later re. 7a.)

3) Police and traffic

a. Traffic

i. Enforcement days

Have had a while ago before Xmas – with some people caught

Locally we would like on Pershore Road (Cllr J provided with a locally produced documents highlighting need for something).

Do we want on the Streets – Cecil and Kitchener AGREED

Looking for camera from Nature centre to Dogpool – speeding cameras in place use wet film so have not been on for years. But left up as deterrent.

Date for walkabout in March planned (from Alumno and Bus funds WM Transport). Currently four-lane and very tight – what do we do to make it safer? Money resources are limited (and CWG are predominantly for other things). We can produce a petition to get temporary cameras which will provide evidence ACTION Cllr J to provide how to do this MC recirculate

ii. Residents access to speeding equipment

We have some interest from MC - WMP provide training will issue letters to highlight they’ve been spotted (but no fine), Might reduce rat runners.

Other measures can also be provided – build outs, one way etc. ACTION – CH and Cllr J to chase Phil Edward form BCC highways to have a look at the streets and Dogpool Lane Junction in March – see 3.a.i

CH to request access to speeding equipment for PCSO Savage

iii. Dogpool/Pershore Junction Cllr feedback (see 3.a.i)

iv. Rat running Cllr Feedback (see 3.a.i)

b. Councillors Survey – request feedback from residents

A range of issues regarding cars, graffiti, fly tipping, and housing problems. Resulted in a series of connections and intelligence – ACTION Cllr J will follow up.

c. HMOs/Exempt multiagency enforcement days

Limited progress – changes in WMP personnel hasn’t helped. ACTION CH and Cllr Jones need to chase a new date.

BCC looking to bring in a range of options to find out landlords of issue properties and thinking how we make sure owners are responsible. This would be for all not just new, but also existing ones. Been out to consultation may be closed or will close soon (can be vetoed of Sec. of State) and decision (see Birmingham Be Heard)

4) Improving Our Environment

a. Fly tipping- Cllr Feedback

Mainly just extra bins bags and things that ‘might be useful to others’ - BCC have scheme with Keep Britain Tidy – we are going to carry out a ‘crime scene’ roll out – in other areas 50% reduction. Liaising with Cllr McCarthy. ACTION: follow up with Cllrs at future meetings

b. Mobile Household Recycling Centres

Locally hard to find the space. Near St Andrews (but private). BP Garage rejected the idea. However, possible large building Dogpool/Fashoda/Cecil, or care home on Manilla. Can we just do Skips. ACTION Cllr Jones to see about skips

c. Wheelie bins – feedback from Cllrs

Trialling scheme in Bournbrook regarding fining people for leaving bins out. Guild of Students endorsing. Once BCC have done this we can see if we can roll out to SPS area where needed. BCC also re-visiting wheelie bin allocation – but that means bins are always there. ACTION: follow up with Cllrs at future meetings

d. Litter picking Group

Trying to re-establish. Some agreement for a regular slot e.g., a Saturday (to coincide with Moor Green Lane Group) and a weekday. Have the gear for people to use. Advertise on 9th April. Could we trial leaving pickers bags out and seeing if people pick stuff up? ACTION: CH to revive WhatsApp group

e. Planters

maintaining them and proposed new ones ACTION: CH to revive WhatsApp group

f. Community art

Any areas – near St. Andrews, end of Cecil and entrance to park and gable ends top of Kitchener (link to Digbeth Group and Cotteridge Park (Emma Wolfe) ACTION Jo W to Chase

5) Planning

a. Alumno – developer meeting

Cancelled last minute. Demolition proposals have been submitted. ACTION: CH to chase new meeting date

b. Pure café (formerly Lesley’s)

Buildings going up – photos sent to planning – has gone to enforcement.

c. 5G Mast

Is up.

d. 874 PR

Craft shop – will have a new ground floor flat

e. 955PR Adjacent to Christ Church – still unresolved ACTION Cllr Jones informed no current application.

f. Future planning applications

to be communicated on website and newsletters ACTION: CH to arrange

6) Flooding

a. River Rea ‘island’

Reported to EA no response. Update: John Clayton reported that EA will visit as concerned about trees growing in river north of Dogpool Lane bridge.

b. Clearing leaves

Didn’t get too far – the Avenues organise their own with BCC support as do some streets. We can look at ‘piling’ them back of Cecil next year.

c. First Avenue

Work has begun on weir removal.

7) Community Building

a. Spring event – 9th April

Making SPS NF more visible – in association with The Active Wellbeing Society, Christ Church groups (e.g. scouts - refreshments and fund raising and activities), and Fruit and Nut Village. MC also providing activity – crafts etc., dog-show.

b. Request for proposals:

There is money available if we need it from CWG/Jubilee but maybe a specific street events

Forum MC open to ideas on this

8) AoB

MC gifted two bottles of wine


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