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No 76 bus route diversion - action

We've had a lot of comment and protest on the No 76 bus route - regrettably it's still not clear whether the buses are going along Pineapple Road or not..

What we do know is southbound (ie to Solihull) buses are going up Cartland - but MAY carry on to Vicarage

We're urgently seeking clarification from Transport West Midlands and seeking support from our coucillors in getting this seen to urgently. When we know, we'll post the information here.

We've also asked them as a matter of urgency to put better/larger/more conspicuous/more helpful signage on ALL the suspended bus stops up Dogpool Lane/Dads Lane/Avenue Road.

But - we won't achieve anything alone on this - if you're affected by this please contact your councillors and Transport West Midlands with your comments and observations.

More to come, hopefully!

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