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Renovating the planters

Our local litter picking group are also renovating and adding to the planters in our neighbourhood whilst doing their litter picking. The first stage has been to weed and replant the existing planters located on Fashoda, Kitchener and Cecil Roads (see map below) and to add new planters on the corner of Manilla Road and Dogpool Lane. The group

The Neighbourhood Forum are supporting the project with funding for the purchase of compost and plants.

The group led by Wes meet every Saturday morning at 10.30 outside of No 42 Fashoda Road. It's an informal group who do some litter picking and attend to the planters in our neighbourhood. All are welcome including accompanied children, just come along at 10.30 and join in. If it's your first time and want to check we haven't had to cancel, email us


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