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Speed Watch

We are working with our PSCOs to create a Speed Watch group to help tackle speeding issues in our neighbourhood. Currently we are being delayed by the relevant PSCO being of work until mid April. I know a number of people have already expressed an interest and we will be in contact as soon as is possible but if anyone else is interested, please see the information below and contact us using the contact page on this site.

Community Speedwatch is a community driven road safety initiative which empowers Community volunteers to address their concerns about inappropriate traffic speed around their places of work and/or residence, with the support of the police.

West Midlands Police Community Speedwatch scheme will involve trained volunteers from the community monitoring the speeds of vehicles with approved speed detection devices. Where vehicle speeds are found to be inappropriate, the police will either; stop the motorist and deliver a road side intervention with the support of collaborative partners, or a notice is sent to the drivers by the police with the aim of encouraging them to reduce their speed when driving in the future. The purpose is to reduce harm and the fear of harm, while improving overall road user behaviour on the West Midlands road network.

West Midlands Police Community Speedwatch scheme aims to introduce a centrally controlled scheme, which is clear and concise to follow for locally identified leads. Incorporated within this paper are clear directives and procedures to ensure that the West Midlands Police Community Speedwatch Scheme is used in circumstances that are necessary, reasonable and proportionate, in order to;

• Reduce death and injury on the roads.

• Improve the quality of life for local communities.

• Reduce traffic noise and pollution in local communities.

• Increase public awareness of inappropriate speed.

• Increase engagement opportunities with local communities.

• Increase public confidence with speeding concerns.


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