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Supported Accommodation Issues - Council Call for Evidence

In recent years, our neighbourhood has seen a growth in supported accommodation that is exempt from HMO licensing so doesn't require planning permission. In some cases, the support offered is inadequate, trapping vulnerable people in poor accommodation without the means to move on. The knock on effect to the community is increased anti-social behaviour, poorly maintained properties which drag the appearance of the area down and a reduction in housing available to residents.

BCC have set up an inquiry to look at exempt accommodation in Birmingham, the role of the Council and what improvements need to be made – either directly by the City Council or through dialogue with Government. The Overview and Scrutiny Committee wants to hear from residents in this type of accommodation, from residents who are their neighbours as well as from agencies and statutory partners. This inquiry seeks to amplify the voice of residents and agencies, and to furnish the City Council with a solid evidence base for on-going discussions with Government.

Submissions should be sent by email to

The deadline for written submissions Friday 19February 2021

For more information, visit the BCC website click here and see the terms of reference

Exempt Accommodation - ToR vFINAL 210108
Download • 79KB


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