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Open Meeting Agenda 23rd Jan 2024

Please join us and connect with your neighbours and community

Light Refreshments Available

Hope to see you there!


  1. Welcome and apologies

  2. Q&A with the Exempt Accommodation Forum

    1. Social housing supporting vulnerable people (find out more here)

    2. 45+ exempt households in the Forum area

    3. Many residents aren’t being supported

    4. Some residents cause issues (ASB, vandalism, threatening behaviour, begging)

    5. If you live in or by one and have issues, please support

  3. Traffic Calming update and survey

  4. Pebble Mill Playing Field update

  5. Student building being built on Dogpool Lane update

  6. Feedback and Q&A with the Councillors

  7. Feedback and Q&A with WMP - to be confirmed

  8. OAB

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