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Open Meeting Agenda 5th March 2024

Please join us and connect with your neighbours and community

Light Refreshments Available

Hope to see you there!


  1. Welcome and apologies

  2. Student building of Dogpool Lane

    1. The Contractors Project Manager (responsible for the building work and lane closure), the architect, the building management team (responsible for the running of the building when it opens) and the developers (Alumno) will give an update and answer any questions you have.

    2. They will explain how they will enforce the no cars policy and how any issues students may cause will be handled. It's our chance to raise any concerns and influence how their policies will work.

    3. They will explain why they believe, based on learning from previous developments, this development will have a positive impact on the local economy and area. They believe it will bring good activity to the area in a managed positive way.

  3. Community event in June

  4. Traffic Calming survey feedback. What we learnt and the next steps.

  5. Exempt Accommodation update

  6. CANCELLED due to budget meeting. Feedback and Q&A with the Councillors

  7. Feedback and Q&A with WMP - to be confirmed

  8. OAB


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