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Planning Application 878 Pershore Road 6-bed HMO to 8-bed HMO

A planning application has been made to increase the number of beds in the HMO at 878 Pershore Road from 6 to 8 beds. The details can be found here and if you want to object or support the application, it can be done here

The most relevant planning policy is DM11 in the Development Management in Birmingham Development Plan Document (DMB) which states: 'Proposals for the intensification or expansion of an existing HMO should comply with (e) and (f) below, having regard to the size and character of the property


e. would not give rise to unacceptable adverse cumulative impacts on amenity, character, appearance, highway safety and parking

f. provide high quality accommodation with adequate living space including: bedrooms of at least 7.5 sq.m. (single) and 11.5 sq.m. (double); and

  • communal living space comprising lounge, kitchen and dining space either as distinct rooms or in an open plan format; and

  • washing facilities; and

  • outdoor amenity space; and

  • recycling/ refuse storage.

Things like bedroom size are matters of fact determined by the planning officer but 'adverse cumulative impacts on amenity, character, appearance, highway safety and parking' are subjective and the more objections they receive about adverse impacts from nearby HMOs from local residents, the more likely it will be considered.

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