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Traffic Calming Survey

For the residents of Kitchener, Hobson, Manilla, Fashoda and Cecil Roads traffic safety has become a major issue. Speeding and rat running have made worse by the closure of a lane on Dogpool Lane but were there before and will remain once it is reopened. We want to do something about it. We have created a group involving the Forum, local residents and Better Streets for Birmingham to find out

  • what are your biggest concerns?

  • what are the options to resolve them?

  • what do residents want to happen?

The group is being supported by Transport for West Midland and our Councillors we will present our findings to them to see how they can be delivered. Both potentially have funding available.

We want to know what you think. Whenever you can, please complete this short survey we’re conducting so we can get as much relevant data as as possible using this link <survey> or the QR code below. We’ll inform you about the survey results as soon as they are ready.

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